Camera-Confidence Unleashed

Discover the power of video to promote your business and build your brand with confidence

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Camera-Confidence Unleashed: Your Guide to Overcoming Fear
and Embracing Video

Video is a powerful tool for promoting your business and building your brand. But for many women entrepreneurs, getting in front of the camera can be daunting.

In Camera-Confidence Unleashed, you’ll learn how to overcome your fears and embrace video with confidence. You’ll discover practical tips and strategies for everything from planning and filming to editing and sharing your videos.

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About Author

When your world is rocked by crisis, you have two options. You can let it defeat and destroy you, or it can spur you into a season of personal growth that isn’t possible in calmer times. 

This is the exact crossroads AshLeigh found herself at after being shocked by the news that her husband of ten years would soon be sentenced to a lengthy prison term (for making several misguided decisions in his real estate business several years prior). 

It just so happened that AshLeigh had a turbulent upbringing, which produced in her a resilient spirit. So under the weight of an overwhelming urge to throw in the towel, she instead decided that with God’s help she would fight for her family and her future. 

While struggling to determine the best path, AshLeigh and her husband decided on a whim to try earning some extra cash by making low budget product review videos and promotional videos for small businesses. 

What started as a part-time experiment quickly produced enough orders to warrant becoming a full-time focus. Over the next twelve months, while awaiting her husband’s sentencing, AshLeigh and her husband built their side hustle into a full fledged professional video marketing and spokesperson business. 

It was this unlikely but perfect blend of pivotal circumstances, unique perspective, and determination that gave birth to Pique Video, LLC.

After numerous projects with women and non-profit organizations, AshLeigh decided to focus her attention on a goal of building a team of underrepresented women to help companies and organizations tell their story in unique, engaging and effective ways.


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